Despite winning three Kerala State awards, singing sensation Shreya Ghoshal talks to NISHAD PADIYARATH about her difficulties in singing Malayalam songs.

SHREYA Ghoshal is a perfectionist when it comes to singing in regional Indian languages. She first started singing in Tamil and is now the most-sought after singer in South India today.

However, singing in other languages is “not an easy” task for Shreya who has so far won three State awards from South India.

“When I started singing in Tamil, I had little trouble. I used to take more time then. Now I have got the hang of it. Still I get stuck. It’s not that smooth. If the song has lot of words in one single line lot of focus goes into reading the lyrics and pronouncing it right. My focus gets divided,” says Shreya.

Despite winning two back-to-back Kerala State Awards to her credit, the singing sensation admits that Malayalam is “the most challenging language” to sing. “Malayalam is the most challenging language. But I love singing Malayalam songs. The kind of admiration I get from my fans in Kerala is quite overwhelming. That keeps me going,” says Shreya.

“It’s little tough to sing in a language that you don’t speak. It might take me few extra half an hour to finish the song but at the end of the day it’s a song. Just some different words but it’s absolutely the same story, same note, same feel and same emotions,” she says.

Recording studio for Shreya is like a home. “Studio recording is my comfort zone. When I enter a studio I feel at home and I am not tensed. It’s much more compose and spiritual. Creation happens there and it’s a different mindset,” says the singer who has given numerous hits.


Studio recording is my comfort zone. When I enter a studio I feel at home and I am not tensed. It’s much more compose and spiritual. 

However, doing live performances is a different ball game for this young singer. “People like to listen to live concerts because there is a lot of energy. Sitting at home and listening to music is very intimate. Going to concert is an experience of going out with your family, and most of all seeing the person perform. There is lot of interaction. Live concert is absolutely different kind,” Shreya says.

With reports that she has been offered movies to act, the pretty singer has this to say: “I have been offered roles in movies but I get petrified at the thought. I know I can’t as it’s not my calling,” she says. “Every Indian has a one little dream to act as Bollywood is such an important part of our life but I have never felt that way. I always wanted to be a singer,” she concludes.

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