In an interview with Nishad Padiyarath, Balabhaskar reveals the secret of his success, his love for Western classical music and reinventing the Indian sound.

Constant practice coupled with hard work and dedication will make anyone a dynamic musician, said Balabhaskar, renowned Indian violinist.

Speaking to the Times of Oman, Balabhaskar who had literally exploded onto the music scene with his unorthodox blend of Carnatic and Western music, said music had to be practiced constantly to attain perfection.

“There are no short cuts to success in anything you do. It is the same with music. If you do not practice constantly you cannot be a perfect musician. You need to have that passion and dedication to become a dynamic musician. I used to practice for close to nine hours every day,” he said.

Balabhaskar, who is a household name in the South Indian music industry, is equally known for his performances as a classical violinist and a vivid stage performer. The maverick violinist was among the first musicians to introduce Indo-Western fusion to audiences in Kerala.

You reach a stage in life when you realise the magnitude of spirituality.

“I have always been open to all kinds of music. I loved the challenge of exploring music. I still remember, when I was in Class IX, A.R. Rahman burst onto the music scene bringing with him a completely new style of music. That actually triggered me off to experiment with fusion and I used to perform with my school band. I later ventured into exploring more avenues with my professional bands Confusion and Big Indian Band,” he recalled.

Balabhaskar is currently on a spiritual journey and it has evolved a complete musician in him. “You reach a stage in life when you realise the magnitude of spirituality. It is the most beautiful passion. It raises you above all negativities. As a musician it has helped immensely,” he said.

The 36-year-old musician has shared the stage with legends such as Zakir Hussain, Sivamani, Ranjit Barot, Lous Banks and Fazal Qureshi. “I grew up seeing them perform on stage. At no point of time did I realise that I would one day be performing with these legends,” he added.

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