In an interview with NISHAD PADIYARATH in Muscat, Russian chess legend Garry Kasparov says winning the world championship was the best moment in his life; Says a proper League for chess in the country will help the players to attain international rating. 

In 1985 when Garry Kasparov defeated then world champion Anatoly Karpov, he became the youngest undisputed world champion at the age of 22. Twenty-two years later when he looks back at those days, Kasparov said it was his best moment in life.

Speaking to Nishad Padiyarath in an interview the 50-year-old Russian said he never thought he was lucky to win the world title. “I think lucky played only a minor role. It was pure hard work and patience that helped me to win the championship. I think I played a better game than my opponent and when you play a good match, you deserve to win don’t you?” Kasparov asked.

“Winning the world championship was the best moment in my life.  I don’t think there was any world champion who won because he was lucky. The world championship title was in contest since 124 years and we have only six world champions. So that makes the game extra special,” he said.

Kasparov who played with 20 selected players at a time admitted that the Omani players posed challenge on him. “They have great skills but they need to have more knowledge about the game. A proper League will benefit these players to attain international rating and for that they need to have a federation. I am sure they will soon have one,” he said.

Asked if he has any tips for aspiring chess players, Kasparov who was ranked world number one for 225 out of 228 months said regular practice will make a perfect chess player. “Practice makes you perfect. You need to regularly practice the game to hone your skills. The rest will fall in place automatically,” he added.

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